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The Policewoman's Secret

The Policewoman's Secret

Liz Roberts was a policewoman. Her father had been a high-ranking detective. Why did she not report she was a victim of a dark crime from her childhood? What happened when she did - after 50 years?
Liz Roberts as a WPC, 1080s

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How long would you wait for justice? What about fifty years? Liz Roberts was assaulted as an eight-year-old girl. She didn’t tell her parents - even though her father was a high-ranking murder detective.

A decade later Liz became a policewoman herself. But Liz still kept the attacks a secret, thinking her force wouldn’t believe her.

After all - she had no proof.

It took fifty years before Liz was able to bring herself to confront her abuser - her own older brother. Still, she felt detectives wouldn’t take her claims seriously.

How wrong she was.

And what happened when Liz confronted the perpetrator in court?

Liz has waived the automatic right given to anonymity to all victims of sexual assault to speak with Behind the Crimes.

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